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Subject: debugging
10 Jun 1998 09:52:22 -0700 :
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     Gdb is currently lacking some very important features in cygwin.  I
was wondering what would be needed to get these features put in.  The
first is support for memory "core' dumps.  It would seem that the exception
routines would just have to dump out the various sections of memory
in a format that let gdb read them back in.  Of course this assumes that
it can figure out where the sections of memory are (is there an easy
way to do this?).  Then gdb would just have to read them back in to
a debugged process.  This doesnt sound very hard, so I must be missing
something :)  What are the hard problems here?

The second feature is the ability to attach to running processes.  Why
is this harder than starting up a new debugged process.  (Note:  I'm not
familiar with NT debugging facilities).

Finally,  how much support is there for using windows debugging tools.
Surely they must have been used to debug cygwin itself when it was first
being brought up.  Is it possible to emit symbol tables that windbg can
grok?  Does anyone have tips for using non-cygwin debuggers with cygwin?

                                                 Tim N.

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