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Subject: RE: How to create a ksh93 package...
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 01:10:40 +0100
Organization: Omnium Software Engineering
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> >And I'm not interested in using the GNU tools anymore on Cygwin,
> >I have the AT&T tools now.  I'm using them on SunOS, HP-UX, U/Win and

> >now on Cygwin, too.
> That's fine, but you realize that this sort of runs counter 
> to the purpose of the Cygwin project, right?

Hmm, maybe I see the Cygwin project from another POV.
The Cygwin kernel is most important, the tools users choose are another

> >I don't know how many people out there would be using them, 
> though.  Of 
> >course they are _not_ a requirement for ksh.  I wonder what made you 
> >think that?
> Scan your eyes upwards to the subject.  Notice the lack of plural.

I'm aware of that.
Maybe we should change the subject line.

> You did mention packages in your email but you still kept 
> referring to the whole thing as a "package".

The original AT&T thing is a single package.

> Regardless, this isn't what I was asking for.  I just asked 
> you if you could support ksh.  I wasn't expecting a whole 
> slew of other things as part of the deal.

OK, I'll support ksh. Nothing else. Not even the stub executables.


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