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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 20:10:04 -0500
From: Christopher Faylor <cgf AT redhat DOT com>
To: Brian Keener <bkeener AT thesoftwaresource DOT com>
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Subject: Re: prev/curr/test
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On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 08:02:17PM -0500, Brian Keener wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>evil and should be abolished.  The only way to get old versions should
>>be at a macro level.  You click a button and get all of the old stuff,
>>you click another button and get all of the current stuff, you click
>>another button to get all of the test stuff.
>>I think that Robert is right that if you click on test you should only
>>get packages that have test versions.  Ditto for prev.  Ditto for curr.
>Sorry guys,
>I still like the idea of keeping Prev,Curr and Test but as a means of
>limiting the maximum version I want to see - IE if I didn't select Test
>I won't see any test but I will see prev and Current.
>Then I suggest we do away with the Source Box and nix the idea of a bin
>box and simply use the clickable version and within the version we have
>such entities as the following (assume the version installed is 1.4.3
>and there is a current of 1.4.4 and I have curr selected on the radio

I really think that cycling behavior of the current setup is a major
source of confusion for most people.

>keep/skip (obviously skip if nothing were installed), uninstall (would
>only exist if package installed), 1.4.4 bin&src, 1.4.4 bin, 1.4.4 src,
>reinstall bin&src (would reinstall both for 1.4.3), reinstall bin
>(reinstall bin for 1.4.3), reinstall src (reinstall src for 1.4.3),
>retrieve bin&src (retrieves installed bin and src), retrieve bin
>(retrieves installed bin), retrieve src (retrieves installed src),
>retrieve 1.4.4 bin&src ...

Sorry, but I really don't like this.  Adding a whole bunch of new things
for a user to cycle through (or even select from a pulldown) is moving
in the wrong direction, IMO.


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