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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 20:02:17 EST
To: cygwin-apps AT cygwin DOT com, Christopher Faylor <cgf AT redhat DOT com>
Subject: Re: prev/curr/test
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From: Brian Keener <bkeener AT thesoftwaresource DOT com>
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References: <20020323061924 DOT GA3593 AT redhat DOT com>

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> evil and should be abolished.  The only way to get old versions
> should be at a macro level.  You click a button and get all of
> the old stuff, you click another button and get all of the current
> stuff, you click another button to get all of the test stuff.
> I think that Robert is right that if you click on test you should
> only get packages that have test versions.  Ditto for prev.  Ditto
> for curr.

Sorry guys,

I still like the idea of keeping Prev,Curr and Test but as a means of limiting 
the maximum version I want to see - IE if I didn't select Test I won't see any 
test but I will see prev and Current. 

Then I suggest we do away with the Source Box and nix the idea of a bin box and 
simply use the clickable version and within the version we have such entities 
as the following (assume the version installed is 1.4.3 and there is a current 
of 1.4.4 and I have curr selected on the radio buttons):

keep/skip (obviously skip if nothing were installed), uninstall (would only 
exist if package installed), 1.4.4 bin&src, 1.4.4 bin, 1.4.4 src, reinstall 
bin&src (would reinstall both for 1.4.3), reinstall bin (reinstall bin for 
1.4.3), reinstall src (reinstall src for 1.4.3), retrieve bin&src (retrieves 
installed bin and src), retrieve bin (retrieves installed bin), retrieve src 
(retrieves installed src), retrieve 1.4.4 bin&src ...

The retrieve options would be available as opposed to the reinstall or install 
options if we were doing a download only as opposed to an install.  As an added 
goody as part of the text for each option you add if it is the prev, curr, 
test, or just on that is available.

I originally posted this idea in a discussion with Rob on March 5 - but is sort 
of died with the thread as the message. So I'll try again.  Just an alternate 


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