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Subject: RE: add jadetex/passivetex to texmf?
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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:19:27 +1100
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I'd vote to integrate things as much as possible.  

At present I am working through Marcus's excellent instructions 
to get a working SGML/XML system under cygwin.  It is complex,
and I had a few problems reconfiguring tex.  

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From: Markus Hoenicka [mailto:Markus DOT Hoenicka AT uth DOT tmc DOT edu]
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Subject: add jadetex/passivetex to texmf?


I'm currently preparing about half a dozen packages for a Cygwin
SGMl/XML system. This was initiated and previously announced by Jon
Foster who will provide about as many packages as well.

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