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Subject: RE: Volunteering to package texinfo-4.1
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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:24:02 +1100
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From: "Billinghurst, David (CRTS)" <David DOT Billinghurst AT riotinto DOT com>
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Built it about 6 times already (for various sad reasons). 

/usr/local/src/texinfo-4.1/configure --prefix=/usr
make install

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From: Christopher Faylor [mailto:cgf AT redhat DOT com]
Sent: Wednesday, 20 March 2002 3:58 
To: Billinghurst, David (CRTS)
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Subject: Re: Volunteering to package texinfo-4.1

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 03:17:42PM +1100, Billinghurst, David (CRTS) wrote:
>Building gcc-3.1 now requires texinfo-4.1.  It builds OOTB.  If there
>are no objections I will package it up over the weekend and submit it.

Can you actually build texinfo-4.1, David?  I can't build it on either
linux or Windows.

Maybe I'll download the sources from the Red Hat RPM and try that.


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