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Subject: [ADMINISTRIVIA] Revamped spam blocking for this mailing list
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Note-from-DJ: This may be spam

I've just crossed my fingers and set up the cygwin and cygwin-apps
mailing lists to use some revamped spam blocking software that I've
written for

I won't go into details of what is new because I'm still working on
things.  Basically, for now, I have revamped stuff to make it easier to
customize in the future.  However, I wanted to let people know about
this for the not-too-unlikely case of problems occurring where mail is
blocked inappropriately.

I've already seen some email from Robert Collins stall and I've fixed
that.  I have also seen an inexplicable blocking of email from the gmane
newsgroups that I didn't have enough debugging output to understand.

So, if you do see any irregularity with the mailing list please send
email to postmaster AT cygwin DOT com.  DO NOT send me personal email about

An irregularity would be email that is blocked when you don't think
it should be or email that doesn't show up after two hours without
any indication that it has been blocked.

Remember, if you get a bounce message, please READ IT and try to
COMPREHEND IT before sending email.  Most of the messages that we get at
postmaster AT cygwin DOT com are from people who haven't bothered to actually
read the words in the bounce messages.  I've gotten into several
delightful dialogs with people who just can't read.  Please don't be one
of those people if you can help it.


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