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Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 11:35:40 EST
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Robert Collins wrote:
> Anyway, I've an idea for a UI change to support it more effectively: add
> a bin column, and the default is bin on, src off, but the user can
> choose any combination (with bin and src off = keep/skip

Sounds intriguing but also I'm afraid somewhat confusing as I now have the 
version selection column (keep/skip, Reinstall, Retrieve, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 
uninstall ....) And then I have the source column which dictates if I want the 
source for the selected version if I am changing version or I can select source 
only for the current version.  Now you add a bin column and then I could have 
in the version column 1.4.4 (which is not the current installed version) but 
have bin and source off which is essentially do nothing (sounds confusing).

How about an alternate approach in terms of get rid of the Source column and 
only use the version columns as follows:

keep/skip, uninstall, 1.4.4 bin&src, 1.4.4 bin, 1.4.4 src, reinstall bin&src, 
reinstall bin, reinstall src, retrieve bin&src, retrieve bin, retrieve src ...

Just an alternate thought.

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