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Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 16:15:35 +0100
From: Stipe Tolj <tolj AT wapme-systems DOT de>
Organization: Wapme Systems AG
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CC: cygwin-apps <cygwin-apps AT cygwin DOT com>
Subject: Re: [ANN] apache_1.3.22 package available for setup inclusion
References: <3C3BFC4C DOT 15C3C81A AT wapme-systems DOT de>
<885801411 DOT 20020109124743 AT familiehaase DOT de> <688824328 DOT 20020109133806 AT familiehaase DOT de>

> Ah, I saw now, the README states:
> To build the application for cygwin:
> tar xjvf apache_1.3.22-1-src.tar.bz2
> cd apache_1.3.22
> configure --with-layout=Cygwin \
>   --with-port=80 \
>   --enable-module=most --enable-shared=max
> make
> make
> make install
> Perhaps you should point out explicitely that `make' needs to run two
> times here.

I don't see what is more explicit than stating the shell commands that
have to be used?! Even if I admit that this _may_ be missed by
someone, while the first make there _is_ a special screen showing
that. Have you tried that?


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