NetHack 3.3.1 for Agenda Downloads

NEW (Aug-21-2002): I have created a package for 1.2.x rootdisks, and also a custom rootdisk based on's 1.2.6 rootdisk. Unlike the old custom 1.1.1S rootdisk, I did not have to delete anything to make room for the game; I believe this is because this rootdisk does not use the XIP attribute on any of the files. I probably will not continue to maintain packages for older rootdisks, or my custom 1.1.1S-based rootdisk.

NetHack for the Agenda VR3 is available either as its own package, or as part of a modified 1.1.1S rootdisk. A source package containing pre-generated data files is also available for those who wish to relink the binary for a different SNOW version.

SNOW binaries

Two binary packages are provided for users of SNOW rootdisks: one for 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 rootdisks, and one for 1.1.x rootdisks. Other versions will be provided upon request. If you grab one of these, be sure to read the included README.vr3 file. In particular, make sure that you have over 2.3 Megs of free space, and that you install the game to /home/default/nethack (or modify the provided script to use the new location).

Modified rootdisk

I have modified a standard 1.1.1S SNOW rootdisk to include NetHack in order to preserve user space. To make room for the game, I had to delete a few things, including the included games (all available elsewhere) man pages (since there is no man command), and a couple of utilities that don't work or aren't useful (e.g. top doesn't work and chfn seems silly for a PDA). Everything else is still there, and I did not remove the XIP attribute from any files, since this is very important for load time and conserving emmory usage.

To use this, download the rootdisk, gunzip it, and flash it to your device with the vrflash utility. If you choose the restore defaults option when flashing it, you will have the icon in the launcher menu when you start, and you will be ready to go. If you don't restore defaults (in order to keep your personal data), you will have to launch the game from the terminal window the first time you wish to play, but the script that launches the game will setup the icon and create the needed directories for you. To do this, launch the terminal app, and type the following:


After you exit and restart the laucher app, the NetHack icon (contributed by William Kendrick) should now appear.

Download custom 1.1.x rootdisk

Source Package

For those who wish to relink the game against a different SNOW version, or just play with the source, I have packaged-up my build tree. To relink against a different SNOW evrsion, change to the nethack-3.3.1/src directory, and type "make". I would recommend against typing "make clean" first, since some of the source files are generated during the build process by helper utilities that are built during the build process, which is a pain when dealing with a cross compiler. Trust me on this one.

Download modified NetHack 3.3.1 source tree

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Karl Garrison - August 21, 2002