DJLINK is a free (as in freedom, not cost) linker that reads 16-bit OBJ files and produces either COM or EXE files.

The current version is still very much ALPHA.

Bugs and Feedback

Please report feedback and/or bugs to There is no newsgroup or mailing list for this yet.

If you would like to submit a patch, please use diff like this:

	diff -c3 old/ new/
or for multiple file changes (old and new are directories):
	diff -c3 old new
If an object file is required to reproduce a bug, please ftp it (in a zip file, if there's more than one) to and then mail me a note about it.

Version History

1997-Oct-25 (30K ZIP)
Initial version. No support for common data. Limited to 127 symbols per object.

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