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Roland Lutz wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Oct 2020, Glenn (glimrick AT epilitimus DOT com) [via
> geda-user AT delorie DOT com] wrote:
>> Okay so the newline was there because of the debug message you removed.
>> It pushed the "Checking for title box" message to the next line.
> Oh, I see.  So debug-spew requires a newline at the end of the string
> if a newline is supposed to be printed; it's just missing from two
> messages in this function.  This hasn't been noticed so far because
> the next message starts with a newline.
> This is actually one of the cases where it makes sense to submit a
> second patch fixing the newlines.  It's normally preferred to not
> change small things like whitespace unless necessary; however, in this
> case, it's clearly an oversight (see commit 86f100d).
I will actually code that way sometimes as it can save a few bytes. Not
something that matters in most machines these days but when working with
limited memory it can be a useful trick. I would guess that the original
author was probably doing it out of habit for that reason. Old habits
die hard.
>> I think the comment you are referring to was actually my rewrite of the
>> comment to include the fact that a specific title was permitted.  So
>> here I would argue that the change was relevant, but actually to the
>> previous patch that added the spice-title rather than this one.
> Extending the top comment is totally fine (and good practice).
> I was referring to the removal of the comment ";; If the schematic
> contains a spice-title device" a few lines below.  Sure, it's a kind
> of obvious thing to state, and maybe it was bad practice to place the
> comment in the first place; but once it's there, it should only be
> removed if there's reason to do so--like the piece of code changed,
> the comment isn't accurate any more, or you are the original author of
> the comment and feel like it.  (Don't spend too much thought about
> this, though.)
In this case I was the original author of that comment (see my original
patch), I probably shouldn't have put it there in the first place, and
it was redundant once I rewrote the upper comment. So three strikes and
your out? :)
I sometimes comment that way rather than one comment at the beginning if
I find it makes it easier to follow the logic flow. In this case since
scheme/guile was new to me I was making sure I understood what was going
on. In a longer term context though it really shouldn't have been
embedded there as the code chunk wasn't that complex.


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