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Okay so the newline was there because of the debug message you removed.
It pushed the "Checking for title box" message to the next line. Once
that message was gone, yes the newline was unneeded.

I think the comment you are referring to was actually my rewrite of the
comment to include the fact that a specific title was permitted.  So
here I would argue that the change was relevant, but actually to the
previous patch that added the spice-title rather than this one.

In both cases not an issue for me.

Roland Lutz wrote:
> - The Guile patch contains unnecessary changes (adding a newline
> character to an unrelated debug message; removing an unrelated
> comment).  Patches should not contain any changes which are not
> immediately relevant to the issue the patch addresses.  If you think
> these changes would improve the project, please submit them as an
> individual patch.

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