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1. Yes, for ngspice.
2. Not all spice simulators work the same. It is up to each
implementation to decide if they want to use the first line, a specific
.TITLE card, or both/either as ngspice does. For example my reference
book on PSpice, fairly old so may be different now, requires the first
line of the netlist to be the title. So spice-directive-1.sym would not
produce a working netlist for such an implementation.
3. Yes it was a minor change, intentionally so, to let me get familiar
with your process before I offered more substantial changes.
4. re: use of comment. I chose it as it seemed the most appropriate
without adding a new attribute, and param (my first choice) was used for
other things. If a new attribute would be preferred I have no problem
with that. As a gneral plicy use specific attributes would however tend
to lead to attribute bloat.
5. I will not be heart broken if you decide to remove spice-title et al. :)
6. re: patches Understood. I will endeavor to fix those issues going

Roland Lutz wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Oct 2020, John Doty wrote:
>> From the ngspice manual:
>> "you may place a .TITLE <any title> line anywhere in your input deck.
>> The
>> first line of your input deck will be overridden by the contents of this
>> line following the .TITLE statement.”
>> This means that no special feature is required of a SPICE netlister
>> here:
>> all the gEDA SPICE netlisters have ways to insert arbitrary SPICE
>> directives
>> into the deck. I’m not a fan of adding special features that duplicate
>> general capabilities.
> So if I understand this correctly, adding '.TITLE' before the actual
> title on the first line of the "input deck" doesn't change anything,
> and having a special mechanism for specifying the title is redundant
> because you could just add spice-directive-1.sym with "value=.TITLE
> insert title here".
> Roland

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