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On 5/26/20 12:55 AM, rugxulo AT gmail DOT com [via djgpp AT delorie DOT com] wrote:
> Hi,
> On Monday, May 18, 2020 at 12:58:40 PM UTC-5, Andris Pavenis (andris DOT pavenis AT nospam DOT plz) [via djgpp-announce AT nospam DOT plz] wrote:
>> This is announcement of an update of DJGPP port of GCC-10.1.0
>> Binaries are built and tested in Windows Vista Business SP3 bit.
> Thanks again for your efforts.
> I have only tested some simple C programs in raw FreeDOS,
> so I don't know how well C++ or Ada will work here
> (although I don't really know those languages anyways).
> Rebuilding p7zip and GdM's 3D Engine are all I can think of.
> Apparently, temporary files require LFNs now. I half assume
> that's a regression, but maybe it's unavoidable due to
> other reasons??

It seems that I have forgot to cherry-pick one change from port of gcc-9:

[andris AT ap gcc]$ git checkout djgpp/native/gcc-9
Updating files: 100% (34529/34529), done.
Switched to branch 'djgpp/native/gcc-9'
[andris AT ap gcc]$ git log gcc/collect2.c | grep DJGPP
     [DJGPP] collect2.c: avoid using 8+3 incompatible file names for DJGPP host
[andris AT ap gcc]$ git checkout djgpp/native/gcc-10
Updating files: 100% (33852/33852), done.
Switched to branch 'djgpp/native/gcc-10'
[andris AT ap gcc]$ git log gcc/collect2.c | grep DJGPP
[andris AT ap gcc]$

The change can be seen at:


> ======================================================
> G:\TONY>gcc -s -O2 -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Wextra hello.c -o hello.exe
> Cannot create temporary file in g:\temp/: No such file or directory (ENOENT)
> Abort!
> Exiting due to signal SIGABRT
> Raised at eip=0013e551
> eax=0039da14 ebx=00000120 ecx=00000000 edx=00000000 esi=00003d83 edi=003a4fa8
> ebp=0039db38 esp=0039da00 program=G:\DJGPP\LIBEXEC\GCC\DJGPP\10\COLLECT2.EXE
> cs: sel=00e7  base=00840000  limit=003affff
> ds: sel=00ef  base=00840000  limit=003affff
> es: sel=00ef  base=00840000  limit=003affff
> fs: sel=00cf  base=0003d530  limit=0000ffff
> gs: sel=00ff  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff
> ss: sel=00ef  base=00840000  limit=003affff
> App stack: [0039dc58..0019dc5c]  Exceptn stack: [0019dba8..0019bc68]
> Call frame traceback EIPs:
>    0x00167a04
>    0x0013e551
>    0x0017a91f
> G:\TONY>doslfn
> DOSLFN 0.41c (haftmann#software & jmh 11/2012):
> Cannot find/open Unicode table file G:\UTILS\CP437UNI.TBL!
> loaded consuming 11520 bytes.
> G:\TONY>gcc -s -O2 -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Wextra hello.c -o hello.exe
> G:\TONY>hello
> Hello, world!
> G:\TONY>scrndump
> ======================================================
> So it works with DOSLFN loaded but not otherwise.

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